My Swedish Honey

Sweden has a varied landscape and seasonal differences, which combined with a wealth of flora are reflected in our variety of honeys. We produce pure, genuine and unique products direct from the Swedish nature.

The beekeepers of Swedish Bees present a wide range of healthy and tasty products like Heather Honey, Lime Tree Honey, Clover Honey, Oil Seed Rape Honey and Honeydew Honey.

Since we focus on the Swedish seasons and local flora we can deliver both single floral honey and unique seasonal mixes. In spring we harvest the precious first honey called Primeur Honey or Virgin Honey. We also produce nutritious Comb Honey and Bee Pollen which are increasingly sought after.

The association Swedish Bees / Svenska Bin  was founded in 2013 by the beekeepers of Sweden with the purpose of marketing Swedish Honey and other products from the beehive.

My Swedish Honey is a concept created for the international market promoting Unique Seasonal Honeys and Bee Products directly from the Swedish nature.


This is Swedish Honey

High standard– no fake
As honey is one of the most adulturated products of the world and Swedish beekeepers are known for their high standard, we work hard to keep it that way. Only honey directly from nature without additives can be called honey.

Unique products directly from nature
Many beekeepers want to capture the unique taste from their local landscape.
Honey with specified source of flowers and geographical origin is becoming increasingly popular by concious consumers.

Typical Swedish Honeys
Because of the diverse landscape in Sweden with both farmland, forest and meadow the bees can collect nectar from for example heather, lime trees, honeydew, clover, raspberries, oil seed rape, wild forest and meadow flowers.

Swedish Midsummer Honey
Around Swedish Midsummer at the end of June, the Swedish nature is in full bloom, and offers a great variety of flowers for the bees. Many beekeepers harvest their first honey at that time.

Creamed honey suitable for spreading
Because of the special Swedish flora the bees produce honeys that naturally develope from liquid to crystallized after a few weeks. By a careful process the crystallized honey turns to creamy.

Beekeepers currently working in project My Swedish Honey:

is a company run by sommelier and beekeeper Viktoria Bassani and is situated in the most southern part of Sweden.
Bidrottningen offers an unique assortment of seasonal honeys from this region, such as Special Creamed Honey, Lime Tree Honey, Honeydew Honey and Virgin Honey.

Borghults honung
specializes in Comb Honey and Delicacy Honey straight from the hive. Their bees produce the Comb Honey directly into a practical box made for serving and so the honey has neither been stirred, nor heated and mixed.
Borghults honung has hives in Tullinge outside Stockholm and in Småland in southern Sweden.

Hovmöller Bigårdar
is situated in the idyllic region Österlen in the eastern part of Skåne. The company specializes in ecological products from the beehive like bee pollen and honey. The company produces small scale products of high quality, like raw honey, unfiltered honey and packages four different harvests from early to late summer.

Maries Bihantverk
offers honey and products from the beehive harvested in the surroundings of Malmö in Sweden.
She specializes in seasonal and singelfloral products and packages the her honey in smaller batches with her own personal design. She exhibits Early Summer Honey from fruittrees and Summer Honey from lime tree.

Swedish Bee Company
offers bees as an ecosystem service for a sustainable society. They produce honey and bee pollen and also provide bees and hives for sale or rent around Växjö in Småland.

Zon 5 Honey
is produced by the family company Hammargrens bigårdar i the region Småland. Their hives are placed in and around Vaggeryd and produce a high quality honey from the wild nature and special flora in the region.
Zon 5 offer an exclusive product range called Black Lid with single origin honeys like heather.